Monday, September 22, 2008


Over the semester we have read stories that reflect upon soceital issues, faith related issues, as well as how to properly commit murder. But in the story we have just read, "Mothers Day", i am rather indifferent about it. The story's title is what has kinda of thrown me off. I do understand that the event happened on mothers day, but the actions committed by the narrator make this story extremely dark. And personally the mothers days i have been a part of aren't like this in any matter.

First i would like to analyze the narrator. She is clearly going through some issues, both physcially, as well as mentally. Norma seems that she is a happy young eleven almost twelve year old who is just under the weather. But in my mind she is killer. Yes, she is a cold blooded killer. Although what triggers this act of intense hatred. She spends most of her night trying to find a home for this lost kitten, but is unable. Everyone tells her to take it back to where she found it and leave it there. But she decides after having carried for a while that she hates the way the cat meows, have it looks and that no one wants be its owner. Instead of taking the cat back to where she found it decides that she hates the young cat enough that she is going to kill it. No a quick death, but a rather premeditated death. Similar in aspects to "The Cask of Amontillado". I would classify her in the same boat as the murderer in that story. The thing that is different is that she all of a sudden hates this cat and wants nothing to do with it, and in the other story he is doing his actions as revenge.

This little girl in frightening to me. She doesn't have any remorse for her actions until about two years later when she is writing in her diary. Her lack of remorse for killing something is undoubtedly a sign for mental derangement. I hope her father is okay, she had some issues with him.

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