Sunday, September 7, 2008

English 106 and Bartleby

Although I singed up for this English class very late, I feel like this half semester course will be very interesting considering the numerous short readings and discussions we will have on these fictional stories. The first class i attended we discussed Bartleby the Scrivener. This story was very unique and displayed characters that were extremely interesting to read. Two individuals who worked for the lawyer in the story, Turkey and Nippers, attained attributes that were completely opposite of each other. One was old, the other was young; one was tall, the other was short; one worked better during the day; the other worked well at night. These individuals were important in the story, because these Nippers and Turkey portrayed how different mankind can be from one another, yet there actions were ones that were expected in society. These two individuals were used to reflect how inhumane Bartleby's actions were in the sense he was not like the other two men. Bartelby didn't eat and didn't negative complain about what he was doing; however, he gracefully displayed what he wouldn't do. Nippers and Turkey's role in the story was to attain the humanistic qualities that Bartleby didn't acquire in order for Bartleby's state to be unique. I really enjoyed the story and really cannot wait for what lies ahead in this class!!!

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