Sunday, September 21, 2008

New favorite

For the first time int his short semester, I can honestly say . . . I enjoyed the reading, and wasn't actually forced to continue reading on, staying up by writing notes on the side to entell me of where I was at. Sonny's Blues had both suspense and excitement, that kept me drawn, or maybe it was that I could sort of connect and feel where both the narrator and Sonny where coming from. He does a great job in 1st person view of actually leading us throughout the entire story, which ended up being a little snippet of his life. From when he was in jail for doing and selling drugs, from when he got out and went through his stages there, up until he took him into the club of where he performed at and actually saw what his true passion was.
I also want to bring up the fact that for the first time I think that James Baldwin, (author of the short story), actually gave us a "sane" narrator, who knew what was best for him and his little brother, (well . . . so he thought, until listening to his true passion). It almost paints the scene of a movie, and for the story to be rather short, (it is a short story), it draws out the life of a broken family from teenage years to adulthood. In the story i was going right along with everything that the narrator had to say. It was as if I were talking to my real older brother, (by just about 6 years . . . coincidence) and he were trying to lead me in the right direction that he thought, just as the narrator was trying to do for Sonny. Finally, when Sonny took him into an enviroment where he felt comfortable, excepted, apart, etc. he really saw the true Sonny and his true passion. He should have been the one that would've supported his brother, especially after getting word form his fiance, I beleive, on how much he was playing the piano when he stayed at her house for a few.
Great story.

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