Monday, September 22, 2008

Mother's Day... really?

Wow.  All I can say is wow.  I know that there is meaning behind the story, and reasoning behind the madness, but was it all completely necessary?  To be completely honest, I really disliked this story.  I thought that the gruesomeness of the act of killing the defenseless kitten was way over the top and out of line.  I am an animal lover, so I hated to read that part.  I was absolutely disgusted by that.  I also felt like the ending was quite abrupt.  She almost turned it into a history lesson, rather than concluding.  I found this story to be very confusing in the fact that it really had no flow.  It started with a story, but then kind of strayed to another part, then completely did a 180.  I am very organized and quite a bit of a perfectionist, so the quickly changing story line really bothered me.  

But, on the more meaningful side of the story, it did have a lot of underlying meaning.  It really showed how someone would begin to go into their puberty stage of life, and try to take on too many adult qualities too fast.  She was very womanly, and if you did not know that she was so young, you might think she was older, and motherly.  This also shows the stress of human nature.  She was doing everything she could to be a good "mother" to the kitten, but as the stress built up while she could not find a house for it, she could not handle her emotions anymore.  Everything caught up to her, and she lost it, and killed the cat.

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