Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good Man

Wow, can we please have a happy ending. Maybe someone falls in love or wins the lottery. Every time I am about to read another story for class I must prepare myself for a depressing time. This story was something else. The ending was unbelievable, everyone died. At first I thought the misfit was going to help fix the car and let them on their way. I thought/hoped Bailey was going to muscle the gun away and save the day. I should have known better.

This story definitely was an example of grotesque, constantly focusing in on the grandma’s characteristics. The old woman in this story has been of the same characteristics as my own grandma. Both mean well and wish nothing but great things for everyone, but seem to do the opposite at times. Forgetting places and people, trying to cheer up the family, and not keeping quit when need be.

In the end, the Grandma prayed for the misfit and told him he was a good guy. Throughout the story it never once described her spiritual beliefs. She seemed to only care about herself. In death she wanted other to know she was a lady. Also, when she first heard of the misfit she said only bad things about him. Only when faced with death she became a nice and spiritual person. At first I thought the misfit was starting to believe her and everything she was saying. I thought he was questioning his own past and what his plans for the family. It was when the old woman touched him that he jumped back and shot her in the chest. IS was if he could feel her insincere attitude and what nothing to do with it anymore. He was almost ashamed for even thinking he was nothing but a bad person.

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