Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Good Man is Hard to Find

I enjoyed reading this story and I thought that all the characters in the family were very interesting. Bailey was a stubborn man that didn't say too much, but you could tell that he had the most control of everything. He was always the final decision maker in everything that the family did. The mom wasn't talked about too much, but she was a nice lady that knew her place and also didn't say much. Her kids were very ornery. They were always full of enthusiasm and liked to have fun. They are just like any other kid, but they were a little disrespectful to their grandma. The grandmother was the main character, and she was very unique. The grandma thought of herself as having good morals, and being a lady. She had a big mouth and had an opinion on everything. She loves to talk, and always thinks she's right.
When the family was on their way to Florida, the grandma decided to tell the kids about a house she remembered from when she was a kid and inspired them to go. On their way down the dirt road it was kind of weird that the grandma always had something to say, but kept her mouth quiet about being wrong on the location of the house. She was responsible for the wreck, and also for the whole family's death. If she wasn't such a loud mouth, then the misfit would have probably never have killed them. When she says she recognizes him, he says it would have been better for them if she didn't recognize him. I know that it was the spur of a moment thing and all of her anxiety might have forced her to say that she recognized the misfit, but all she had to do was keep quiet. It's not that hard, and I don't feel that her anxiety is justifiable for her speaking. I think she just likes to talk and be heard, so when she knew it was the misfit she wanted everyone to know what was on her mind. It's very unfortunate because they probably would have never got murdered if she kept quiet.
When the misfit killed the grandma, he said she would have been a good woman if someone was there to shoot her every minute of her life. I took this as the misfit only thought of the grandma as a good woman when her mouth was shut. She kept telling the misfit that he was a good man, and all he has to do is pray. I think he was tired of all her knowledge and thought she was annoying. He didn't want to keep hearing her voice or her selfish survival act, so I took it as he was being kind of sarcastic about the old lady when he said that at the end of the story.

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