Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not your typical Grandmother

In this story the grandmother does her best to force her views on others and become quite annoying. The grandmother starts forcing her opinion when she wants to go to Tennesse. She tries to explain they will run into the Misfit, even though seemingly this is a very slight chance. The grandomther is like a fly on a wall , as June explain, "She wouldn't stay at home for a million bucks," "She has to go everywhere we go." The grandmother is portrayed as having to be everywhere to be a part of everything. She always wants to be included, probably to have a say in everything. The grandmother is also very paranoid, and needs everything to be in order for her benefit. For example when she thinks her dog will accidentally rub against a gas burner and asphyxiate himself, in the begining worrying about the Misfit, and when she explains what she wore in case she got in a car accident so people would know she was a lady. She even goes on the worn Bailey about patrolmen who hide behind billboards to pull people over. The grandmother always puts in her two cents not thinking its annoying, but necessary and helpful because she is such a lady. The grandmother's age is not a hinderance, but instead to her it is a booster because she thinks she is the wisest in the car. This is evident when June Star asks why a little boy dosen't have any britches on. The grandmother thinking she is knowledgable explains " Little niggers in the country don't have things like we do. If I could paint, I'd paint that picture." The grandmother dosen't take time to rationalize the little boy, but instead just goes by sterotype. She even goes on to say she wish she could paint the picture, which shows how much she truly believes just because of skin color someone shouldn't have britches. This contrasts the consensus of grandmothers today who would reply to the scene with " Awww... poor kid." The granmother's quote also about why the little boy dosent have britches, also shows she is still stuck in the past. When John Wesley asks "Where's the plantation." the grandmother replies with some humor that is evident in the past saying " Gone With the Wind," "Ha Ha." Later in the restraunt the grandmother enjoys talking to Red Sam about the past. She also asks June "Aren't you ashamed?" after june remarks about how dirty Sam's restraunt was. The grandmother had once again got involved while the parents said nothing. But the grandmother's true colors came out when she was faced with the Misfit. Her idea of being a lady and proper solves anything came out right away. She says "You wouldn't shoot a lady, would you?" bringing out her hankerchief to properly wipe her eyes. Then she tries forcing her idea of him being a good man, and he needs religon, leading to her ultimate demise. The Misfit says she would've been a good lady if she had been shot every minute of life. Thus meaning she wouldve been a good lady if put in line , and had shut her mouth. The grandmother may have lived if times were different, but she didn't understand that times change.

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