Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crazy Wallpaper

The ability of The Yellow Wallpaper to convey the hopeless transition from the minds control over reality to its complete failure is naturally haunting. This is not a story about things beyond the realm of man’s possibilities and realities like something you would normally find in a Stephen King novel. This is a story that is well within the realm of possibility, because it strikes a deep fundamental aspect of human existence in everyone—control. Although most have never experienced an inability to decipher what is real from what is not, it is imaginable. It is imaginable because, everyone wants to think they are always in control, which they normally are, but we must realize we are subject to chance, and that chance is uncontrollable.
She begins in a depression, which to the other characters, Jennie and John, continues to be the only problem, but depression becomes the mask for her slip. Her complete inability to see the absurdity in her antics exudes a darkness that seems to hide behind the amiable shell that once was her sanity. Her possible sanity is what makes this particularly dark, because the appearance of her recovery and the hope that it gives her husband John will only shatter their lives.
The main character, whose name is name is left to the imagination, realizes her sickness as though it were only a cut on her arm. She is so casual in her decent from reason that it leaves the reader with hope. Hope that her recovery is only hidden by time, but time steepens her decent, because it leaves her sanity in the hands of The Yellow Wallpaper.

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