Saturday, September 27, 2008


Girl was a rather simple story that did not go to far to get its point across to the reader. As brief as it was it was also demeaning and very critical to young women today. As the mother speaks to her daughter, she is trying to teach her the lessons of a young women in early society. In my opinion she goes about it in a way to scare her daughter into not being a "slut." She repeatedly says to her, "... the slut i have warned you against becoming (255)." It is as if she is calling her daughter a slut through her actions now even though they are innocent. She is trying to scare her daughter into not behaving a certain way so that she will learn to make a young man happy some day. As much as she is demeaning her daughter she is also preparing her for the rest of her life. It is comparable to having the Army father for a boy. The lessons learned are more important that the way they are learned. The mother does not want her to have to learn these lessons on the fly, so she is trying to teach them to her early in her adolescent years.

Another interesting fact about the story is the fact that it is on sentence long, and that one sentence is a question. The use of semicolon's is very apparent and repetitive. This type of literary work is rarely seen, but when it is it makes for an interesting read. It makes for a shopping list type story, the mother is giving her daughter a list of things to do in order to be a good women in their society, and the author just went about writing all these things down as if she were going to the grocery for the week. This is unique and brings an interesting twist to the story. It keeps the reader guessing what is going to come next and when the sentence is going to end or a new idea is going to come about. Yet one never really does.

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Barry said...

Do you think it would have worked as a "Boy" short story? I can't think of that many things a mother or a father could nag to his son about, as the mother in this story does.