Monday, September 15, 2008

"The Story of an hour"

this was not my first time reading "The Story of an Hour". i read it my junior year of high school and had forgotten about what an interesting story it is until i read it the other day. for such a short story a very dramatic event takes place and that is why i beleive it is so well liked. after i read it i found myself just sitting there in shock thinking to myself, "did that all just happen"?

in the beginging of the story some foreshadowing takes place. the author mentions right away that Mrs. Mallard has a heart condition so from that moment on i anticipated something happening that affects the heart condition. i beleive in the next paragraph i found that something that i was looking for. when the news is broken to Mrs. Mallard about the death of her husband i was almost sure that she was going to have a heart attack right there. but then she doesnt. she walks upstairs and starts saying to herself, "free, free free". that part was the complete opposite from what i expected. Mrs. Mallard had lived her life for her husband so long that she no longer had an identity and it was making her miserable. that part of the story touched on the fact that masculinity is overpowering somethimes and feminity does not receive enough attention and freedom. after sitting in her room Mrs. Mallard leaves her room and is walking down stairs and Mr. Mallard walks in the front door shocking Mrs. Mallard. it is here where her heart condition comes into play and it immediatley kills her. So much happens in the hour in which this story takes place!

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