Sunday, September 14, 2008

My My, The Yellow Wallpaper

After reading the Yellow Wallpaper and then seeing Barry's post I'm in agreement with his statements.  In the Yellow Wallpaper we are spoken to by the narrator who is thought to be crazy.  Her husband confines her to the bedroom because he thinks that this will aid in improving her situation.  Totally wrong.  In the beginning of the story the narrator speaks of the beautiful garden and greenhouses; then as the story goes on she only speaks about the big room with the ugly wallpaper.  The confinement to the room is the downfall for the narrator.
If only she would have been out of the room more where she was not secluded to only one area of the entire house she may have improved a lot more.  Especially the area with the hideous wallpaper!  With her already creative, for lack of better words, imagination and the confinement to room, it was a recipe for disaster.  She not only see the wallpaper all the time but the paper begins to do things.  The paper begins to shake and she can see people throughout the wall and it comes to the point where she completely loses it.  I'm saying if John or her sister had only kept her out of the room more her condition would have improved dramatically and she would not have been drawn to insanity.  At least not by the wallpaper.

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Wes Smith said...

I tend to want to agree as well with Dominique, for without that wallpaper, and the narrator being put in that room in the first place, I believe things could've gone a lot better. Surprisingly enough, she does seem a the little bit coherent and is able to enjoy things from a sane point of view. She's just "sick". No . . . we have no way in telling what "sick" means, she could have a head ache, her stomach might be hurting, or in other words she's mentally ill. John putting her in a secluded room, dark, and un welcoming, with yellow wallpaper up around, doesn't help her cause, and for that I agree. Secondly, he treats like as if she were a child, and does not allow ehr any visits, to people even like her family, which would tear me up inside to, mentally as well as physically. to be "shun" off the world as she was, (the narrator), could be life changing for anyone of her mental state. So that goes to answer my question that we were talking about in class . . . no I dont think she started out to be crazy, but I do now think she is. Not a lot of people can honestly say they would have been able to stay sane, being put through what she was put through; if you say you would, I would like to see.