Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crazy or Feminist?

I believe the narrator was not necessarily crazy first but very imaginative and observant. The narrator would often tell her husband something but he would never believe her as evident when he says she has a temporary nervous disorder. Yet the narrator never defies what john thinks and I think this is evident of how women were looked upon in the time this was written . John ordering her the stay in the room I agree with Dominique that this was not a very thought out decision but i think it made her realize something more than her just becoming crazy. I believe the woman in the wallpaper represents johns protection over her. Wallpaper is used to hide what is underneath and to change the whole appeal of the wall. I believe this is what John tries to do when he tells others she is fine, he ultimately wallpapers her life to make it more appealing for others. The other women in the wallpaper must undoubtedly represent all the women in the world in her same position, with a husband who will "wallpaper" their outward appearance to please others in society. Also I think when the narrator talks about creeping it represents her thoughts about her husband, she creeps around his words and disagrees but ultimately agrees with her husband in the end because of the wallpaper she is trapped behind. The only time she is out of the wallpaper and can creep around is when she disagrees with her husband, but every time she ends up back behind the paper agreeing with him. Ultimately I see the narrator ripping down the wallpaper as tearing down the appearance her husband made, and showing her true crazy self to the world.

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