Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sonny's Blues

“Sonny’s Blues” is by far the best short story we have read thus far in class. The author shows us a character that went through some rough times, but pulls forward to a brighter future. I was constantly pulling for Sonny, rooting for the underdog because he is suppose to fail and go back to his old ways with drugs. I feel sorry for Sunny because here is a great person who had no father figure or role model and went down the wrong path. This happens so much in our society, but luckily Sonny met his brother after getting out of jail.

Sonny expresses himself through his music; it is almost all he knows to do. I love how the author narrated the story during Sonny’s playing. The description of Sonny’s fellow player, Creole, having a dialogue through the music they were playing. Creole telling Sonny to let go and dig deep and give it more and play his heart out. Sonny’s brother saw this and really opened his eyes to his brother and understood him for the first time. Baldwin did a great job of making us know how his brother felt.

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