Sunday, October 12, 2008

Christianity? Really?

After looking at Jake's post I would have to agree with this. It seems that the author of "God Lives in St. Petersburg" is trying to give the idea that Christians are hypocrits. Timothy feels resentful when he has sex with Sasha because he knows that is against his religion, but as soon as he has sex with Susanna he feels "closer to God". This raises questions about religion and morals. While he is having sex with Susanna or even after having sex with her, why doesn't he think about religion. I'm pretty sure that fornication is sin in the Christian faith, not to mention that she is 14 years old.
It seems that the author is making fun of Christians by making one sin less that another sin. Having sex with a under age girl is not as bad as having sex with a man, so God forgives you. This is what I get from this when Timothy says he is closer to God. He evens thinks about if one of his sins is greater than another, " . . . he wondered if his greatest sin was not that he was pushing himself into non-vaginal warmth but that his worship was now for man and not man's maker." God forgives, but sin is sin and I feel that the author was poking fun at Christians for being such hypocrits.


Allan Swan said...

I have to agree with those comments too.

Chris McDougal said...

im not sure that we can say that the author is calling christians hypocrits in this story. every religious human on earth is by definition a hypocrit because nobody is perfect. all humans are sinners. God does not expect perfection from us. He knows that we are sinners and cannot be perfect. He wants us to beleive in him and know that He died for us. that is christianity. in following God's word, we are supposed to clean our lives up and sin less. God does forgive us when we sin but that does not make it right for us to do so. the story is pointing out that breaking sinful habits is impossible to do alone and the fact that timothy feels seperated from God is his reasoning that he cannot break his bad habits. saying that this story is calling christians hypocrits is a bit extreme.

Ronald King said...

I too agree with the take on the story. The author does seem like he is making it out that being a Christian is extremely hard. He also is saying that people are morally flawed and Timothy is struggling eternally and is looking for redemption. Timothy's character also makes Christians look extremely bad by him being both homosexual and a pediphile