Sunday, October 5, 2008

Human Rejection: Lusus Naturae

I found it very interesting to see how human rejection was a very prevalent theme in "Lusus Naturae."  In the natural world today, rejection is a popular trend that people follow quite often.  If someone or something is not to their specifications, they are most likely outcast from society as "freaks" or some other derogatory term.  In the story, the main character is labeled as a "freak".  She can not control her physical appearance, which causes her a lot of emotional distress and pain.  Throughout the story, she becomes more and more awkward, causing people to outcast her so much that her family even performs a fake burial for her, so that people would think she was dead so she could live in peace.  Then, as people began seeing her, they thought she was some kind of monster.  In the end, she became a lonely, outcast creature that had nowhere to turn.  I feel that our society as a whole does this to people who do not fit the definition of normal.  We have all created different classes of people such as nerds, goths, freaks, dorks, brains, geeks, jocks, beauties, cheerleaders, etc.  Everyone has a certain vision of what a person from any one of these groups looks like.  Although it is a natural tendency to put people into these groups, it is not right.

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