Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'll Second That

I am going to have to agree with Joshua on this one. First off I would like to give him props for the creativness of the blog, I like it. But, i agree whole heartedly with what he is saying. I have enjoyed and understood (for the most part) all of the stories we have read all year. As i got to "The Hills Like White Elephants," I did not know what the hell to think. This story confused me more than any other. I had to read it several times, and even then was at a loss for words. As I realized the longer i sat there and stared at the story that i wasn't going to figure it out I consulted the internet. I clicked on the first two searches on google, and read that the story was about abortion. I thought someone was messing around so I scrolled down and consulted another search, and low and behold it said the same thing. I was terribly confused and decided to close the story and see what was said in class the next day.

Unlike Joshua i was in class on the day we discussed this story, and i do have to say I was lost while discussing it as well. I will be right along Joshua giving a pat on the back to whoever figured this one out on there own. I had no idea how abortion could ever be portrayed through a story set at a South African train stop. I would like to giving Hemingway credit for confusing the hell out of me, and possible many others who have read this story. But, i am going to have to second the Joshua's nomination, and give the award to "The Hills Like White Elephants" for the most confusing story.

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