Sunday, October 5, 2008

The reality of Tits up in a Ditch

The thing that I enjoyed most about this particular short story is the fact that you can actually picture someone going through the same thing Dakotah is going through. I also would like to connect it to the short story of Sonny's Blues because it talked about two young people that are going thorough some hard times in their lives and how the get through those times. It was a nice twist to actually read stories about a reliable narrator as well. To receive information and be told the story through the eyes of someone who is logical is much more helpful than to hear it form someone who is not in their right state of mind as well. Both Dakotah and Sonny had major influential role people in their lives as well, who helped with big decisions in their lives as well. I also enjoyed the irony of how the mother of Dakotah's husband pushed him back onto Dakotah after he was already hurt and decapitated. It should be hard, because both of them came to the conclusion that they would not talk to each other no more, and "un-officially" be divorced. When the mother said "You're his wife" (Tits up in a Ditch, 95), I can almost picture the face on the mother as if to say, "Well . . . you're not stuck with him . . . . good luck!"

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