Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lusus Naturae

This story was really interesting to read. The narration was through the eyes of the protagonist which made it come to life to the reader. We were expressed with her various emotions and why she felt her story was unique from any other story told. I felt really sorry for the protagonist. She was a very misunderstood character, and knew that her case was very special. She attained some form of sympathy for herself, but refused to be a burden to the ones she was really close too. Examples can be seen with the sacrifices she made for her sister and her mother. She pretended to be dead in order for her sister to be able to wed, and offered to take care of herself so that her mother could live a life free and happy. I admire her selflessness, but was disappointed by how it was reciprocated. She was ostracized from society all because she was different. Her outward appearance made her extremely vile, even though she was a sweet and kindhearted person deep down. The protagonist also had to devise ways to remain happy and to entertain herself. Some might see her actions as to haunt the inhabitants of the house and the innocent bystanders at the park as evil, but I feel that is was an extreme cry for attention and to prove her existence in society. This story is an excellent example as to how society catogorizes people base on their looks and do not judge a persons character and base their opions accordingly.

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