Monday, October 13, 2008

Two for the Show

The title is only a reflection of my forgetfulness, and this blog I suppose is then only a manifestation of persistence... At any rate, I found "God Lives in Saint Petersburg" to be a quick and enthralling read. I liked how the book contrasted the piety of Timothy against the city's sins and ignorance. He quickly succumbs to his temptations after being so far separated from his God. I begin to wonder what sins Timothy developed as he entered Saint Petersburg, or whether they were only sins he bore and carried with him there. Either way, he does have these temptations, such as gay pedaphelia, and he does demonstrate these temptations while in Saint Petersburg.

There is a bleak overall tone to the peace that greatly reflects on the hopelessness of the region and the hopelessness of Timothy's faith ever finding him there.

I can not help but think that if Timothy had been more deeply invested in his faith he might have seen alternatives to what was suggested to him. For instance, why not just take Susana to America, not as a wife, but just to give her the opportunity to get out of Saint Petersburg and find a living she wanted. Or at least get her into the ministry or something. Timothy seems to be so short sighted in his options. If the answers weren't slearly spelt out for him, he didn't have an answer for his problems. For instance, he came to teach the gospel of christianity, but after being turned away once he recedes into a regular english teacher. At least try to percerviere Timothy!

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