Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Wait"... for the World to fall apart...

I loved Wait for many reasons. The underlying theme of the world and its functions brought me to enjoy this story a lot. Also the more humorous and bright elements brought forthright, unlike the predominately sorrowful and serious stories previously read. I love how this story can be interpreted, and all the symbols that can be brought to light. All these people from different countries just waiting and going through each day, dragging around doing nothing to help. It is funny how the whole time all these people wait for this plane that should solve everything but it never comes. I think this plane represents peace in the world. The people want it so bad but do nothing about just talk about the plane but of course it never comes. I think this can be related with the many sums of people who talk about world peace but do nothing to make it happen. I truly believe the soldiers in the story can symbolize the United Nations and their apparent lax and nonexistent place in the world. Many groups and countries take action without the United Nation's consent and this happens in the story. The Cubans, kind of in a Guerrilla manner, take charge and fight through the police and steal a plane. This is how many Guerrilla attacks happen today, right under the United Nations nose and they do nothing about it. I think it is quaint the way the people trade what they have amongst themselves, symbolizing global trade. Champagne is traded for tampons, and some people even steal from others. Everything is going along fine, and everyone is getting along for awhile. The people even conduct a mock Olympics, where implicit stereotypes are brought about. When the Greek man and the Turk man fight over a game of tic-tac-toe, World War III is unleashed. I think the fact that the death of so many people over a trivial game of tic-tac-toe represents how trivial war is. The story shows the effect war has on the world and on how little survive.

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