Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reply to "Timothy's Search for Certainty"

I agree with Pat’s interpretation of Timothy’s quest for certainty. Nothing in this world is certain. Timothy found this out the hard way as he became a missionary, traveling to the hostile environment of Russia. Timothy believed that he had everything figured out. He planned on going to Russia, preaching the gospel, and having all of the people following suite; this was not the case. Due to his hostile environment, he must hide his religion, which begins to reveal some of his doubts. Timothy is unable to keep a pure faith in the confines of an impure world. In several instances, he fails to use good judgment including his sexual encounters will Sasha and his violent assault on Rustam. In all of these instances, Timothy seems to become unconscious, not truly realizing what is happening. “Suddenly Timothy was standing there, dazed, rubbing his hand” (Bissell, 20). As Pat pointed out, “he [Timothy] emptied himself into Sasha without guilt, only with appreciation and happiness and bliss” (22). It is only in these moments of sin that Timothy escapes his inner conflict. These encounters seem to be the only escape for Timothy as he constantly doubts himself and doubts his faith the rest of the time. The last sexual encounter with Susanna appeared to be a last attempt at helping the people in Russia. Though it is questionable that he had to sleep with her to take her to America, it symbolizes the hopelessness that he faces in trying to spread God’s word. He cannot reach out to others through Christ; he can only influence others through his sexual pleasures.

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