Sunday, October 12, 2008

Outcast: Sonny and Dakotah

Dakotah and Sonny both share an outcast status. Dakotah is unwanted form birth and her own guardians look at her as if she is just another task that needs to be done every day. Sonny is forced to live with his brother in law’s family, who do not understand him. He plays the piano every chance he has and they eventually tell him that listening to his music has been a burden on them. This crushed him and he eventually leaves and joins the navy.

Both do not know their place in society and try finding it throughout the story. Sonny knows he wants to play music, but has no one backing him up and helping him. He eventually falls into drugs, the very thing he was trying to run away from. Dakotah doesn’t even know what is outside of her hometown. She falls in love with the first person who shows her any affection. Eventually, she gets pregnant and her guardians feel like it is a re-run, she is like her mother. She has the child and enlists in the army afterwards where she is injured and returns home.

I find it curious that both Dakotah and Sonny run to the armed services when there is nowhere else to go. Is this a something the authors trying pointing out? That for a lot of people in society when they have nowhere else to turn, when there is nothing else, that people turn to the armed services. Well, I feel like part of this is true. I know many of people and friends who had no job and nothing to turn to. The armed services will almost accept anyone of age. Is this a good or bad thing?

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