Sunday, October 5, 2008

Reply to "Somethings Missing"

Though I can understand where Sam and Jacob are coming from, I disagree with their disappointment in the contemporary short stories. It is only natural that contemporary authors will emulate talented writers, such as Poe. Despite this fact, I find a great deal of literary value in these contemporary short stories.

Despite the period in which a story is written, the themes of such stories can usually transcend time. The theme of revenge in “The Cask of Amontillado” is prevalent even today, as every individual feels that urge from time to time. I found the newer short stories to produce similar themes that most everyone can relate to, yet the contemporary short stories bring the meanings closer to the reader. One example of this is the setting in “Tits-up in a Ditch”. When Dakota goes to Iraq to fight in the war, the reader feels much more connected to the characters and might get that much more out of the theme. Likewise, “7C” draws the reader closer into the plot as the action takes place in an apartment building. I also think that the style used by Jason Roberts was not a mirror image of Poe’s writing. Though it created similar effects, I found it to by stylistically distinctive.

I do not completely disagree with the claims made by Jacob and Sam, yet I cannot discount the value of these contemporary short stories relative to the classics. Contemporary short stories are valuable in their ability to connect with the reader and bring the message closer to reality.

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