Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lusus Naturae

This story deals with the category of being different. The reaction that entails from the little girl's parents are quite shocking. Even though it is their own flesh and blood, they turn completely away from their daughter questioning why it had to be them. Her parents do as much to console her and not say anything in front of her though as in the doctor's office. Yet many people forget she is human and don't account for her feelings.This is why I like the way the story is told from her point of view, so you not only imagine how people treat her but how they actually do. Normally the view in this type of story is from the outside looking in, and there are many rumors about the actual nature of the "creature." Thus instilling a sense of not caring what happens to the monster; but with this story you begin to care for the Lusus Naturae which brings a different element to the story. The doctor does though try to help although being a little harsh. This differs from other "Lucus Naturaes" like those with Leprosy. Leprosy not only deformed the face but spread so those with it were shunned and sent away completely, being viewed as dirty. The little girl was born with this and does not spread it like leprosy but is still looked upon as not clean. Yet no matter how inhumane the girl is looked upon she does the most remarkable and human thing. She causes her own death for her sister to get married. No "creature" would do this, thus also proving the existence of her feelings. The little girl not even being bitter about being looked upon as a Lusus Naturae. The evidence of the effect other people had on her is evident when she says " Perhaps in Heaven I'll look like an angel." This shows how much the taunts really did effect her if she cares how she looks even when dead.

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