Sunday, October 12, 2008

Right or Wrong?

The story that interested me the most this week was that of Wait. It was a story that you can kind of understand the truth, but then it's fictional towards the end. It connected to me in certain ways too because I have in fact spent extra hours (actually an entire night) in an airport on my way to a basketball tournament. Although things never escalate to a mass war with meteorites crashing down and fog that never seems to go away, but there are some similarities. It was funny as I read the story to see how the author began to explain how certain social classes and races began to separate and even go as far as to divide themselves by tape. It's amazing how much the mind can wander while having so much time on your hands. From creating certain ways to have the Olympic events, to creating a governmental status, to creating trade and surviving with the resources they had. You also have to look at the possible stereotype that the author had to certain groups of people such as the Cubans, when they attempted to leave the airport and ended up crashing and burning, to the alleged doping scandal of a particular group when they entered the Olympics. The resourcefulness that the passengers of the planes and the people of the airport had is very intriguing, and the sheer ability of the mind and the way it works is a feat in itself. It was interesting to see how things began to develop with each passing our and the irony of constantly receiving the message that, "The fog will be rising and the plane will be departing momentarily . . . " is something that brings the story out, because it seems as if that's what we are always hearing when we go to the airport.

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