Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pre-destiny to 7C

i thought the story "7C" was an ok story at best. we compared it to a Poe story which for me doesnt even come close. a good point brought up by one of my classmates in class was that homosexuality was thrown into the story once then left alone. a Poe story will never do something like this. everything Poe wrote is there for a reason.

another topic that got my attention in class was the idea of pre-destination in the story. clearly what happened in the story was inevitable. outside of the story pre-destination is a very interesting subject i feel. i am a very strong christian and beleive that God has a plan for everything. i know that is extremely hard to see in some situations; especially lately with the war that has been going on the past few years and i know what happened at wabash this weekend hangs heavy in all of our hearts. we have know way of knowing what tomorrow will bring. all we can do is use the information at hand to make the best decision possible. so what i am trying to say is that to beleive in pre-destination( you are where you are supposed to be at all times) requires faith. faith is beleiving in something even though you cant see it and there is no concrete evidence in support of it. i felt that 7C touched on many of these concepts.

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Ian Bonhotal said...

To play the devil's advocate here: did you consider that perhaps the fact that, as you put it, "homosexuality was thrown into the story once then left alone" actually adds to the story rather than takes away from it?
If we decide to interpret his short description of his relationship with his friend as homosexual (which, by the way, I do not), than would it not add to the story's overall ambiguous tone never to mention it again? It leads the reader to the edge of a precipice--and leaves him hanging.