Monday, October 13, 2008

Reply to "Faith Makes Life Possible...Not Easy"

I believe that Allan hit the nail on the head with his blog about the short story "Wait" and its true underlying meaning. Everyone is going to be tried in their life, and no matter it be big or small, everyone will be tried. It is how we respond to these situations when they are presented to us. Do we do what we know is truly correct and have faith that by doing this everything will turn out how it is meant to, or do we just follow the crowd, and do what me know is wrong. I agree with the point Allan makes about how the story starts out just as another typical flight delay in the airport, but as the plot grows and thickens it becomes more apparent that some of these things are a bit over the top from something that would really happen. The author uses these examples just to try the faith of all the characters who are stranded in the airport, and see who has the stronger faith of them all. It is a situation of the survival of the fittest. But that wish the fittest faith and strongest will to do the right thing and turn away from one knows is wrong. This is the case when everyone turns against eachother and the Businessman and young women are left. In the end they are rewarded with a hot air balloon landing next to the airport conveniently so they can escape and get away. It is like a message from above, and a reward for there strong will and faith for doing the right thing. We all encounter situations such as this one in our daily lives. Some of the challenges are big while others are smaller, yet they still challenge our faith. I think Allan brings up a good point about the active role of faith in everyones life and how they choose to use it, or abuse it.

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