Sunday, October 12, 2008


I thought the short story Wait was an accurate critique of issues existent in the world today. Throughout the story readers are introduced to characters from a host of different nations and cultures who are stranded at a rather screwed up airport terminal. They are all waiting in vain for a plane to come rescue them from their current existence, thus creating a situation that exposes the problems that arise when opposing views collide (we all know how cranky people get when they’re plane doesn’t come on time). We see “nations” band together in times of need and battle each other in times of “war”. It was interesting how each “nation” had its own distinctive fighting technique and used it to the best of their ability. This reminded me of all the guerilla warfare that is currently plaguing our globe today. We also see the Cubans lead a mass revolt just as Castro did in 1959, although the outcomes were slightly different. We see the unifying effects of the Olympic Games, despite the stereotypical undertones the author implies: Kenyans win the marathon, Chinese win table tennis, etc. I really liked how the author included the Olympics because it was a fairly accurate depiction of their state and purpose today. They seemed to largely serve as a unifying experience for all the “nations”, much as they do presently. Here, I was drawn to think about the latest Olympic Games and our not-so-stellar relations with their host, China. Finally, I saw the author moving toward a broad escape from oppressive world powers as he ends the story with a narrow flee from impending death.

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