Sunday, October 5, 2008

Not So Happy Endings

I'm going to modify my question from last week just slightly for this week's blog. After reading "Happy Endings," a story that uses an outline format to make an effective outline format to make a point about storytelling. The story tells us that no matter, the ending is always the same, and that its the beginning and the middle- as well as the plot that really make the story. I feel that almost all of the stories we have read thus far from the classic literature point have done a good job in making some point about society, the human mind or the world at that particular place and time. However, I feel as if today's modern literature is lacking something. Granted today's literature still has the same ending, it feels like a meager plotline covered with a veneer of sex, and vulgarity. One could argue that by emphasizing sex and profanity the author is making a point about society, but I think it is something different then that. I believe that today's authors are recreate the old classics because they worked. It is my sincere hope that today's literature can catch up with that of yesterday.

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